God Is Faithful

A few days before the end of last year, I turned over in bed and my eyes connected with the ‘at a glance’ flip calendar on my night stand. I noticed all of days that had been ‘flipped’ and were stacked on the left side. Everything I need to do that day and the days ahead are on this calendar. Calls I need to make, bills I need to pay, emails I need to send, birthdays I need to remember, people I need to see or pray for. This calendar keeps me sane. I often tell my family that if they want to know where I am on any given day, just look at this calendar. 


I keep every calendar from past years, as it represents for me the chapters of my life. As I looked at the calendar, a peace came over me, His peace. I had been fretting a lot that week about all sorts of things. About my own stuff and other people’s stuff. I am sure you can relate to that. I spent many days thinking I could not imagine beginning a new year in the same way that the old one seemed to be ending. Full of uncertainty, trials and tribulations. I was weary, worn and sad. Then, it was like God’s eyes met mine and He said to me, “Kathy, my child, look at all the days you have flipped over on your calendar. Days you never thought you would make it through. Are they not a reminder of My faithfulness to you? You have almost completed another year and you’ve fretted most of those days. See, I have brought you through. Rejoice!” With that, I agreed and smiled and turned over. God was right. How many days had I been fearful or anxious about something so much that I could not even see how I was going to get through the day? Many. There where many days where I did not want to see another day if it was going to be a repeat of that day or of previous days. Obviously, I got through that day and other days since. God did not take me home as I asked (and even begged and demanded at times). He brought me through because HE is faithful and because there is no testimony without a test. There is a message in the mess. He’s keeping me here for a reason. You, too. Dear one, are you grappling with believing in the faithfulness of God today? Are you not convinced that He can keep you in the midst of your circumstances? He can. Remember that as you begin a new calendar and a new season, that the last 365+ days are a marker of His faithfulness. HE brought you through every one of those days. Start this year off right. Trust Him. He is Trustworthy and Faithful. He will see you through.


About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and challenges.
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2 Responses to God Is Faithful

  1. Toni Steigerwald says:

    That brought me to tears. Thank you dear Kathy for bringing this vulnerable side to the front. I am looking back too and seeing how he carried me.
    Why do I think by worrying, or not giving stress to God, that I have power to change certain things, things that only He can change. But He sent another, who does have the power, to help me respond to trials and hardships in ways that please God, and by turning my worries into prayers, I’m creating an act of worship.

  2. Beautifully said. This, too, is the cry of my heart. Thank you, Toni.

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