Last time I blogged here, I shared my mindset as a homemaker called by God. (Click here to read the post.)  It was and remains a ministry to me.  A real privilege.  As with any ministry, you work hard, plan hard, pray hard, and make sacrifices.

As a woman in full-time ministry as a homemaker, I must, must make time to develop my walk with God.  I can get caught up with the ‘to do’s’ and not with the being.  I need to be with God. I desire to be Godly. Being with takes care of the ‘to do’s’.  Seriously!  I cannot serve well if I am not filled with His Spirit.  I cannot give from an empty well because what’s in the well comes up in the bucket.  If there’s nothing in the well, oh well…you get the point.  As homemakers, we need to practice His presence and be filled with the Holy Spirit as we minister to our families.  While we can formally schedule times with God, I am speaking of times that are more organic and practical.

When my children were small, I used to set aside every Thursday (while they were in school) to get alone with God.  Beforehand, I would choose the content for the day.  I would ask God what type of worship I should include, what passages I should focus on and who I should pray for.  So, I unplugged the phone and spent many hours in His presence.  As a result, my faith grew and grew tremendously.

Other times, I practiced His presence while cooking, cleaning, ironing, decorating, gardening, interacting with neighbors, and running errands.  I asked Him to speak to me and give me direction for my day.  He did.

As I cooked, I gave thanks for the food we had and asked who could I invite to lunch or dinner.  I thanked God for the workers who packaged the food and farmers who planted the seeds, etc.

While cleaning, I counted it a privilege to sweep and wipe and disinfect the shelter that He provided.  We were blessed to have a home and to share our home with the less fortunate.  I took on the mindset that I didn’t want to complain about cleaning or cooking.  I wanted to display a faithful/thankful heart.

As I ironed on Tuesdays, I prayed as I ironed my husband’s shirts.  As I ironed the sleeves, I prayed and thanked God for His strong arms that carried a heavy load of responsibility for our family. I prayed as I ironed the pocket of the shirt for his heart.  I prayed that he would always have a heart for God.  I prayed for strong shoulders to bear burdens.  God was faithful.

As I planted flowers and seeds, I asked God to help me bloom where I was planted.  He was faithful.  I was able to share Christ with my neighbors and influence the world for Him with my prayers from my own little corner of the world.  Talk about kitchen table influence!  I lifted up prayers for many things and for many people from my kitchen table.  It became a holy place.

Still, other times, I sang psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with my children.  I taught them scripture and how to pray for what ailed them and praise God for answered prayer.

Dear ones, I sensed the presence of God every time I acknowledged Him and worshiped Him as I worked and went about my day.  Everything in my ‘ministry’ took on a different perspective when I counted it a privilege to serve my family.  To change diapers, wipe dirty noses, pick up toys, wash dishes.  I have been given that privilege.  So thankful.  As my role has somewhat changed now, I still practice His presence.  I love being in His presence. He meets me there every time.

+First Look:  What biblical account(s) in the Bible speak of God’s Presence?  How did it affect the one who was in His presence?

+Through The Looking Glass: How can you begin practicing the presence of God beginning today?  How does it affect you when you bask in His presence? 


About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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  1. This is a beautiful post for moms at home. Sometimes the mundane tasks can just become things we do but having a different perspective – seeing them through a Godly lens – make the mundane a ministry. Thanks so much for these beautiful, heartfelt words.

  2. A must read post to renew ones relationship with God. The way we live can a form of prayer indeed. You got me “turn off my phone so I can spend more time with God.” Today, millions spend more time on their phone than knowing God or communicating with family. God bless.

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