Photo Credit: reverendcjay.com

Photo Credit: reverendcjay.com

Has your prayer life hit a snag?  Does it feel redundant?  Are you wondering what it may look like to pray without ceasing?  How would you like to get creative with your prayers?

Here are 14 ways you can pray for others that you may never have thought of:

1.  Lay hands on your spouse while they are sleeping and pray for them.

2.  Pray for those who get wet in the rain.  Ask God to wash over them with the LIVING WATER.

3.  Pray for those eating at the table next to yours in a restaurant.  Pray that they will be filled with the BREAD OF LIFE.

4.  Pray for those on the plane with you.  Pray that they have the same attitude as that of the plane (in relation to the horizon).

5.  Pray for the people and incidents you see on your local news.

6.  Pray for kids you see playing on the playground.

7.  Pray for those in the service industry.

8.  Pray for the farmers.

9.  Pray for beauticians.

10. Pray for photographers.

11. Pray for the person you hug or kiss as you hug or kiss them.

12. Pray for your garbage collectors.

13. Pray while you set the table.

14. Pray when you hear the sirens of emergency vehicles.

+First Look–Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

+Through The Looking Glass–What is God showing you through this passage?  What other creative ways can you think of to pray?

I would love to hear your feedback on this post.  Leave me a comment below!


About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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  1. Jacquie Lam says:

    I love this Kathy. I also pray for the UPS/Fed Ex/Postal workers as they make their deliveries to my house and others on their routes; I pray for the people who prepare my meals when I’m in a restaurant; I pray for God to rain mercies on the drivers of the cars on the Beltway and roads as I travel beside them; I pray for the people in the car next to me at a stop light. Thank you for your suggestions. I will add them to my list. xx

  2. These are great suggestions, Kathy. I try to do this too, but this is more creative! With practice we will be praying unceasingly, right? I used to pray over my daughter while she was a small child sleeping. She’s back home for a while, maybe I’ll stand outside of her bedroom door and resume that.

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