Photo Credit: theinspiredcafe.com

Photo Credit: theinspiredcafe.com

I feel like I’ve always had a heart for homemaking. I loved and admired women in my family who really poured their heart and soul into creating an atmosphere that nurtured their families and those who entered in their space. I fondly remember being fully enveloped in the atmospheres created by my grandmother, great-grandmother and my mother. Outsiders were always happy when in their company. I remember my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Stokes, planning a breakfast for us young-uns’ in our classroom. We were each asked to bring a china place setting on which to eat our breakfast and drink our tea. I was so excited to tell my mom all about it! She purchased a 5-piece place setting with ‘green stamps’ from the gas station! I can still remember it: it was white with silver trim and sprinkled with little blue flowers. As a kindergartener, I thought it was gorgeous! Did you know that everything tastes better on china? Well, it does!! Lol.

As I continue my series on 14 WAYS A WISE WOMAN BUILDS HER HOUSE we’ve covered Know your Worth, Prayer and a Hospitable Heart.   Today, Part 4 encourages you, the wise woman, to Unleash Your Creativity.  Genesis 1:1 tells us that “In the beginning, God created …”  As image bearers of God, I believe we have the ability to be creative because God created us that way. Many women never really tap into their full potential to express and live in their God-given creativity. What does embracing your creativity as a wise woman who builds your home look like?  Here are two examples:

  • By not following a script: learn to let go of ‘packaged expectations’. Go ahead and let the kids build that fort in the living room with your ‘good’ table cloths. You know the ones that are packed away awaiting that ‘special occasion’ that never comes. Use the ‘good’ china for breakfast. One time I set the table for dinner using my great-grandmother’s ‘good’ china, stemware and silver flatware and my young son wanted to know who was coming for dinner. When I told him that they deserved the same ‘specialness’ as company, he couldn’t get his head around that. The expectation was that only ‘special people’ eat off of the ‘good stuff’. What was I communicating to them? They weren’t special? Too often we keep reserved places in our homes that only special people can enter like the ‘formal’ living room or dining room. How about eating pizza at that forbidden dining room table tonight?
  • Unleash your love of something in a different surrounding: I love the beach. Rephrase, I love being at the beach, not being on the beach.  I love the fabrics and accessories that I find in beach homes.  The homes are decorated with beach/sea/water themes. This year, I decided to add a few beach accessories like sea shells and beach-scented candles to my home on land.  Why can’t I enjoy these things even though I’m not at the beach? Well, I can and I do!!

Wise woman, I believe the sky is the limit to where our creativity can lead us. Ask God to unleash your God-given creativity. Ask Him to help you see life in a whole new creative perspective. One that’s creatively colorful, out of the box, free and unique!   Be creative in the area of the 5 senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, and tasting.  Look at life as a canvas upon which you allow God to create His unique creative design in your world through you. It will blow your mind.

+First Look: Read the Word of God’s account of creation in Genesis chapters 1 & 2.

+Through The Looking Glass: What do you notice in these chapters? How might God be directing you to respond?

Dear one, I would love to hear how God is using you to unleash your creativity. Please share your comments here.


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A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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