Photo Credit: theinspiredcafe.com

Photo Credit: theinspiredcafe.com

When I was a little girl, my dad and his brothers owned, brokered and sold real estate.  So as I continue my trek through Proverbs 31, I can resonate somewhat with The Proverbs 31 Woman’s real estate/business mindset and ultimate transactions in verse 16:  She looks over a field and buys it, then, with the money she’s put aside, plants a garden.   

I chuckled when I read this scripture.  As a young bride, a stay-at-home mom and mentor to other stay-at-home-moms, I had difficulty placing myself in this verse.  What did this verse mean for the average, ordinary woman like me and the ones I mentored?  My husband and I were sacrificing a great deal for me to be at home with our kids.  I pondered verse 16 a lot: Look over a field? Consider buying it? Plant a garden in it from the gains of my purchase?  I tried to make it hit home.  How about walking into a garden shop and considering which pot I could afford, buying several pots, selling some and using the money I earned to plant herbs in the pots and sell those to make more money?  That was a thought.  Or I could take a look at my life and consider making an investment in the Kingdom of God and then bloom where I’m planted…well you get the point.  As a Wise Woman who Builds Her House, let’s not miss the point.

Consider this from Portrait of A Godly Woman:Every woman doesn’t have to go into real estate and horticulture — the principle here is that this woman uses her mind. She does not act on a whim, but logically analyzes a situation before making a decision. Her goals are not only short-term — she envisions the long-range benefits of her decisions.”  Radiantly Purposed says this: “This woman was making a major purchase.  She was closing deals, negotiating, making offers and clearly was never intimidated by any competition that could outbid her.  She was also a saver.  The money that she set aside [from the gains] went to plant a garden and I’m sure reaped multiple benefits.”

This woman had good business sense.  She earned money and made investments.  She was wise.  View this verse through the lens of your family.  A Wise Woman who  Builds Her House saves for the best yes!  She doesn’t spread herself thin.  She does well to consider where she’s going and how to get there.  She would do well to consider the return on the investments she makes both physically and spiritually when is comes to building her house.  Her investments of time, talent and treasure need the same consideration as if she were making a BIG purchase!

Where can you, as a wise woman, plant yourself to bloom? Where is the fertile soil on which you can thrive and have overflow to pass on to others?  Consider if it will be well for your family before you make that purchase. Ask yourself, “Can the Kingdom of God get a good return if I make that investment?”  If so, then buy the field and continue to plant seeds and reap a harvest of blessing.  Just something to consider.

+First Look: Look up Proverbs 31:16 in several different translations.  Rewrite it the way you understand it for your own life.

+Through The Looking Glass: Consider the investments you make.  Did you consider the impact they would have on your family?  Do they yield a good return?  


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