There’s one thing that Jesus and I have in common. Actually, I have many things in common with my Savior but I’ll highlight just one today. Jesus loved having and engaging in conversations with people. All people. In His 3 years of public ministry, the Bible records more than 120 conversations that He had with people from every walk of life. He had conversations that others would have never had. More than 1/2 of those conversations took place in the workplace and in homes. Very few took place in religious settings. I find that quite interesting. Think about that–Jesus seldom pressed for ‘closure’. His conversations often included questions. Some of His conversations were with:

A. The Samaritan Woman–John 4:7-42

B. The Crippled Beggar–John 5:1-15

C. The Rich Young Ruler–Matthew 19:16-30

D. The Hemorrhaging Woman Mark 5:24-34

Jesus Christ had the ability to hear the heart of what people were thinking and feeling and engage with them on common ground. Do you have that same ability?

I love family time. As one who loves good conversation, whenever I know the family is getting together I get very excited. I even save certain topics to talk about with them because I want to engage with them. I love to hear their heart, thoughts and opinions. I try to appreciate each one for the wisdom they bring to the table. More times than not, I learn something I didn’t previously know or I gain an entirely different understanding than I had.

Conversations are valuable to me. I call our family conversations “kitchen table conversations”. These conversations are transparent, real, raw, safe and often contain some element of passion and emotion. Kitchen table conversations often reveal the state of our hearts. If the state of our hearts doesn’t reflect Christ, you’re challenged to realign with Christ’s heart. We all hold each other accountable.

Late last year, I sensed the LORD directing my heart to invite others to come to my kitchen table to engage in conversations a few times a year. After much prayer and seeking wisdom from others, I knew I needed to move forward. Thus, Kitchen Table Conversations with Kathy was conceived. These conversations will cover various topics and give opportunities to engage with one another in a safe environment. My goal is to be a bridge-builder in a world where division is at an all-time high. Sitting at the table with others who are different than me, in my opinion, supports this goal. As I prepare to give birth to this new endeavor, I covet your prayers.

In future posts, I’ll share more of what this looks like.  In the meantime:

Have you ever hosted conversation around your kitchen table?  If so, leave me a comment and tell me what that looks like!



About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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  1. Marianne waugh says:

    Love this Kathy ! If you ever write something to share about using your kitchen table conversations I would like to know ! Sounds like it would be a treasured resource

  2. Hi Marianne,
    I plan to do just that. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your love!

  3. One of my friends is starting a Sunday Supper Church with a very similar premise. Maybe I’ll try to connect the two of you. (She lives in Chicago.)

  4. Toni Steigerwald says:

    I like this idea.
    We had organic conversation around the table, but not the “intentional questions” that provoke deeper connection. I wish I had been more intentional that way.

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