I know, I know. Why should we focus on things we shouldn’t do in 2021? Shouldn’t we focus instead on what we want to do? Set attainable goals? I personally believe that if you commit to NOT doing these next 8 things in 2021, you’ll reap a rich reward. Here we go:

1. Self rejection. Why do you spend so much time rejecting the one who God has made in His image? Dear one, God loved you so much that He sent His One And Only Son to die for you. Find your worth in what He has done, not how you feel about yourself or who the Enemy tells you you are. Because you are an image bearer, stop rejecting yourself. Genesis 2:26 Psalm 139:14 John 3:16 1 John 3:19-20 NIV

2. Negative self talk. Did you know that speaking negatively about yourself causes you to live up to what you’re saying about yourself? You’re basically speaking things into existence. Beloved, God does not condemn you and neither should you. Speak life to yourself. No more negative self talk. Proverbs 18:21 NIV

3. Criticizing others. Consider that criticizing others comes from an insecure place in your own heart. Criticizing others says more about you than the person you’re criticizing. It’s bullying at its finest. Lift others up. No need to blow someone’s candle out to make your own burn brighter. Stop criticizing others and shine. Romans 12:10

4. Being a people pleaser. Are you a servant of Christ? Then, ask yourself why you care so much about what others think about you? Why do they command such allegiance from you? What do you think will happen if they’re not pleased with you? Consider that God is the only One who deserves such allegiance. Strive to please Him first. Stop trying to please men and strive to please God. Galatians 1:10

5. Fear of failure. Did you know that some of the most successful people “fail” at many things? We are not promised that we will never fail. Failure is not fatal. We are however, promised that God will NEVER fail. With that said, take some risks realizing that no experience is ever wasted. “Failure” is a part of every God story. Its what you learn from your failures that’s redemptive. Stop holding back due to fear of failure. I Corinthians 13:8 Mark 10:27 NIV

6. Procrastination. I’ve always struggled with procrastination, yet I’ve made tremendous strides to tackle my to-do list by setting mini goals to work on along the way. Consider doing that. Procrastination unloads mountains of overwhelmedness at your feet. So much so that you can’t lift your feet to walk through your tasks, right? You get anxious and paralyzed. Procrastination takes up valuable time that you could spend being in the moment. Don’t let tasks be left undone. Handle them quickly and efficiently. Stop procrastinating and conquer that to-do list. Colossians 3:17 NIV

7. Holding on to grudges. Why hold on to grudges? How does it serve you? When we forgive, we release God’s grace in the spiritual realm. That same grace covers you and the one with whom you’re holding the grudge. If you are a recipient of God’s grace then freely give to others that same grace. Unburden your heart. Let go and let God and stop holding on to grudges. 1 Corinthians 13:5 NIV

8. Expecting perfection. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Do you demand perfection from yourself and others? If so. perhaps you’ve created a standard for yourself and others that God has not. Dear one, you are not the standard. God is. If human perfection exists then Jesus would not have died for our sins, right? Why would He die for perfect people? Here’s some news for you, He didn’t. So, in light of that give up the idea that you and others should be/must be perfect. So thankful that we serve a perfect God. So stop expecting perfection. Aim for excellence. Romans 3:23 NIV 

This year, vow to not drag the old ways of thinking and behaving into a brand new year. Okay? 2 Corinthians 5:17 


About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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  1. Emma Lou Gilkey says:

    This is SOOOOOO good Kathy. SO good.

  2. Mary k lannon says:

    Thank you….
    Needed this today.
    So glad we reconnected…

    I cant tell you how much you n your fsith has impacted my life…
    You are a ministering angel….

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