My Birthday Wish From Mom.

Dear Mom,
64 years ago today, October 2, at 2:09 am you brought me (kicking and screaming) into this world. You cradled me. Kissed me and loved me. Mom, from the very first time I could recognize your voice, I responded to it — especially when you sang Happy Birthday to me—which you’ve done every single year of my life. You always took the time to make a birthday cake 🎂 for me as a little girl. You would write ✍🏾 me birthday letters 💌 and messages. These are treasures that I hold dear to this very day.

A few years ago—2018—you were hospitalized on my birthday. I sat by your side that day holding your hand. Even from your hospital bed, in enormous pain, you celebrated me! You always celebrated WITH me, Mom. You told every staff person who entered your room that day that it was my birthday. I was embarrassed by the attention but you wouldn’t have it any other way! As I watched you writhe in pain that day, I was thinking how the pain you were experiencing compared with the pain you experienced many decades before that —the day you birthed me into this world.

As a 16-year-old teenager, you were both inexperienced and afraid. You drew on dad’s strength. He was there by your side as he always was. The doting, supportive and caring husband and now a new father. Each year, just after you sang your birthday song to me, you would recount my birth story—your water broke 4 weeks before my due date, you didn’t know what was happening but you were excited, telling me (for the 60th time) how you chose my name…of course, I rolled my eyes. 🤣 Later that day we’d laugh together and you would eat a sliver of cake (just a sliver you’d always say) with a dollop of ice cream! 🍨

You always lit up with excitement when you saw me. Your love was deep. 🧡 It was unconditional. It mirrored your Savior’s heart. When you knew you wouldn’t be here for my birthdays to come, you were not sad. You knew that I’d always feel your presence because you’d be with me in spirit. I can feel you mom—especially today—cheering me on. 🎉 You are still the very first person to wish me a Happy Birthday (from your Heavenly home) and singing—off-key— but singing with all your heart—“Happy Birthday, dear Kathy. Happy Birthday, to you!” 🎶

Thank you mom for always celebrating me.

Love you forever,


About thelookingglassbykathy

A woman after God's own heart who challenges others to be the same through Biblical encouragement and testimony.
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